03. Surfbent Nose Protector

Surfbent nose protector

The Surfbent Windsurf Board Nose ProtectorThe Surfbent is a new way to deflecting your rig away from the nose. In an uncontrolled fall, the rig will hit the protector first. In this contact, the resulting energy is degraded by deformation of the Surfbent, which is made with an elastomer material. This will better protect the entire board.The Surfbent windsurf nose protector is also ideal for windfoil beginners as the most common mistake when learning how to windfoil is to “over-foil”:The foil gets too high and breaks the water’s surface, following an immediate loss of control as the nose of the board dives into the water. It often results in a catapult with physical consequences, breaking the nose of your board.FEATURES:1. The round and low shape takes very little place on the deck, and doesn’t hamper manoeuvres, when either tacking or freestyling.2. Its weight (250 g) is very light 3. At the mast foot, the friction disc is replaced by the protector and mounted as usual4. Easier water starts as the shape of the surfbent results in lift-up effect (lifting the sail towards the start position). The handling in the water is hardly affected by the slim shape.

The 1 Bolt surfbent can only fit mast bases with a width no more than The 110mm

WBP Storm 1 Bolt

Surfbent Nose Protector Storm 1 Bolt $98.00 Australia post $9.00

WBP Ocean 1 Bolt

Surfbent Nose Protector Ocean 1 Bolt $98.00 Australia post $9.00

WBP Lagoon 1 bolt

Surfbent Nose Protector Lagoon 1 Bolt $98.00 Australia post $9.00

Surfbent Nose Protector 1 Bolt plus Deck protection pad


Deck protection pad

Surfbent Deck Protection Pad Special $12.00 Australian post $9.00

Surfbent Nose Protector Lagoon 1 Bolt plus Deck Protection Pad $100.00 Australia post $15.00

The 2 Bolt surfbent can only fit mastbases with a width no more than 120mm

The 2 Bolt surfbent also can be usedwith a 1 bolt mast foot.

Surfbent 2 bolt with Deck Protection Pad

Surfbent 2 bolt Storm $125.00 Australia post $15.00

Surfbent 2 bolt Stunset $125.00 Australia post $15.00



Easy to set-up

Good shock absorption

Limited influence on the riding

Nice design and multiple colours to choose from


Maximum mast foot width is 110mm for 1 Bolt and 120mm for 2 bolt. Make sure your mastfoot fits.

The Surfbent do not fit boards with a concave / recessed deck, like old Starboard formula boards for example.

The Surfbent looks like a piece of plastic, but is actually made of an “elastomer” material, which is a polymer with viscoelasticity. Such materials can be

deformed when a load is applied, and then comes back to its original form. So, when you fall forward, the rig hits the Surfbent protector first, and the

resulting energy is dissipated by the deformation of the Surfbent. Your nose is safe, and the contact and shock between the mast and the Surfbent is

absorbed by the material, preserving your mast and mast track from breaking as well.

The Surfbent has a optimized, geometric design and computer simulation of the design structure saved material, reduced weight and at the same time

achieved the required strength and function.