1. Maui Ultra Fins

Delta XT 50 Carbon

The Delta-XT-50-Carbon has a rake of 50 degrees and a thin flat profile. Due to the RTM-carbon construction we could optimize the weight and performance. The fin is our new benchmark for slalom & speed in extremely shallow spots and suitable for thick seaweed. Extremely fast and reliable!


Lengths: 22, 24, 27 and 30 cm

Systems: PB + TT

Ask for Prices and availability for Delta-XT-50-Carbon

Delta XT50 Carbon 24 Tuttle box $260.00 postage in Australia $20.00

The New Delta XT50 is aimed at riders who are looking for great speeds and need slightly less rake than our current Delta fins have. That will mean a reduction by about 5 % in rake to 50 degrees (instead of around 55). That means earlier planning and less sensitivity for back-foot pressure, generally easier handling / more comfort. The profile is also new and narrower resulting in higher end speeds.

MUF will produce the delta XT50 in the sizes 10 cm to 30cm (in 2 cm steps, Powerbox, Tuttle and Deep-Tuttle).

Delta-XT50 10 $115.00 postage Australia $15.00

Delta-XT50 12 $135.00 postage Australia $15.00

Delta-XT50 14 $150.00 postage Australia $15.00

Delta-XT50 16 $170.00 postage Australia $15.00

Delta-XT50 18 $185.00 postage Australia $15.00

Delta-XT50 20 $200.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 22 $210.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 24 $220.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 26 $230.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 28 power box $245.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 28 Deep tuttle $255.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 30 Power Box $260.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta-XT50 30 Deep tuttle $270.00 postage Australia $20.00

Delta XT

The New Delta XT has been designed to give more grip and get up and go than the original MUF Delta. This has been achieved by reducing the rake and increasing the surface area at the back of the fin and at the tip. This gives you access to shallow weedy spots with increased confidence in your fin to hold on as you blast around raking up the GPS PB's. You are able to sail with 1-2cm smaller Delta XT than the original delta yet have the same amount of grip.

Delta XT 16 35% off RRP $117.00 power box $15 postage Australia

Delta Speed

The revolutionary Delta design with its thin profile allows for very high speeds. The Delta-Speed offers ambitious speed sailors the first and unique chance to sail in extremely shallow water like tidal channels.

Best suited: Shallow waters and extremely weedy spots.

Delta Speed 16 tuttle box 40% off $144.00 postage Australia $15.00

Slalom Weed

The Slalom-Weed was developed as a race / slalom fin for weedy conditions. It is based on our successful slalom fins and features similar characteristics. The low drag foil allows extreme speed and control even in choppy conditions. Incredibly powerful on upwind courses and spinout resistant. The perfect solution for your race gear.

Best suited: Race / Slalom, especially in weedy conditions

Slalom Weed Tuttle box $220.00 - $250.00 Australia postage $15.00

Slalom Weed 34 Power box $250.00 Australia postage $15.00

Speed Weed

Due to customer demand from Europe, America and Australia, we have released the Speed fin in a Weed-version. The fin is built for top speed with very low drag and excellent controllability.

Best suited: High speed sailing, especially in weedy conditions

Speed Weed Tuttle box $235.00 -$250.00 Australian postage $15.00

Speed Weed Power box $235.00 -$250.00 Australian postage $15.00


THE weed fin! The high rake is compensated by a very efficient profile and outline so that the Weed achieves about the same performance as a straight freeride fin. This was officially documented by winning the German SURF test.

Best suited: All terrain, especially weedy conditions

Weed 28 Tuttle Box $200.00 Australia postage $15.00

Weed 30 Power Box $220.00 Australia postage $15.00


The Ride is the perfect fin for all conditions. The new profile and elliptic outline are part of a very efficient design. The board gets quickly on the plane, has a high top speed, is easy to sail in overpowered conditions and goes upwind like a train.

Ride Tuttle Box $235.00 - $250.00 Australia postage $20.00

Ride Power Box $200.00 Australia postage $15.00


The X-Ride follows the X-Wave concept. The thinner tip and the cut-out make this fin as powerful as the Ride, yet a bit more agile and looser.

Best suited: Agile freeriding in all conditions

X-Ride 36 Power Box $235.00 Australia postage $15.00


The Wave fin is a great fin for all conditions and all spots. With a straight elliptical outline, it provides an unmatched combination of speed, grip, manoeuvrability and power. It outperforms the classic dolphin type wave fins.


Lengths: 18-26 cm (by 1-cm-steps)

Wave Us Box $180.00 Australian postage $15.00


X-Tri are the side fins in a thruster-fin setup – with an X-Twin/X-Twin-R-02 as a centre fin (single-thruster setup). Exceptional characteristics in speed and manoeuvrability. For weedy conditions X-Quad-S (up to 10 cm) and X-Twin-S (from 11.5 cm) are ideal.


Lengths: 11.5-15.5 cm (by 1-cm-steps)

Systems: MTT + SLOT + US

11.5 X-Tri Us box pair $170.00 Australia post $9.00


The X-Twin-S (S = Swept back, rake of 38 degrees) allows you to sail your multi-fin board in weedy conditions. The fins provide great grip when taking off and looseness in the waves which makes them our pros' favourites in weedy Tenerife.


Systems and lengths:

MTT: 11.5-14.5 cm (by 1-cm-steps)

PB: 14.5-18.5 cm (by 1-cm-steps)

SLOT + US: 11.5-18.5 cm (by 1-cm-steps)

US/SLOT: 13.5-18.5 cm (by 1-cm-steps)

X-Twin-S 13.5 US/SLOT pair $170.00 austalia post $15.00


The X-Wave-Carbon is the revolutionary wave fin design in a light RTM-carbon construction featuring moderate flex. It?s a fast and agile single wave fin that offers perfect control in all waves and conditions. A perfect choice when going for fast slashes and turns with maximum control and also a great center fin for thruster setups!


Systems and lengths: PB (22-32 cm) and US/SLOT (18-26 cm), each by 2-cm-steps

X-Wave-Carbon US/SLOT box $220.00 Australia post $15.00


The X-Wave is the revolutionary wave fin design. Speed, control and agility – perfect for all waves and conditions. Philip Köster?s single fin choice for onshore Sylt when going for fast slashes and turns.


Lengths: 18-32 cm (by 1-cm-steps, from 26 cm on by 2-cm-steps)

Systems: PB + SLOT (18-26 cm) + US

X-Wave 26 Power box $185.00 Australia post $15.00


The single wave fin X-Weed stands out as it reaches almost the same extremely high performance level as the Weed fin but offers on top very loose wave riding options. Extremely efficient, agile and fast - THE single weed wave fin!

Best suited: All waves, on- and sideshore, weedy conditions

X-Weed 26 Power Box $185.00 Australia post $15.00


X-Quad fins are the thruster fins for a quad board. Scaled down from the legendary X-Twin the thruster-set in combination with an X-Twin-set in the rear gives your board extreme performance, agility and confidence in any situation. Pros like Philip Köster simply love these fins.

MUF X-Quad 8 US Box pair $135.00 Australia post $9.00

X-Quad S

MUF X-Quad S US Box pair $145.00 Australia post $9.00

Twin Weed

The Twin Weed was developed as twinser fin for waves or freestyling in weedy areas. Turns and slides incredibly can be used in a Quad setup.

MUF Twin Weed 14 Slot Box pair $160.00 Australia postage $15.00