09. Windsurfing Gear Bags

MUF Fin Bag

Large bag $145.00

Tough padded fin bags made of very robust water and dirt-repellent polyester fabric

- 2 sizes: XL for slalom & race fins (62 cm total length), L for freeride & slalom fins (52 cm total length)

-12 individual fin pouches

- 2 optional plastic rails holding the fins bases up

- 1 removable front pouch (for screw drivers, deck plates etc.)

- 1 inner pouch for small spare parts (screws, tabs etc.)

- 2 mesh side pouches and a wide belt to keep e.g. bottles and mast extensions in place

- no use of zip-lockers at all - only high-quality hook and loop fasteners are applied

- 2 stable rubberized carry handles

- 2 carrying straps (adjustable for size)

- 3 stable loops on top to bag for hanging position

- flexible elastic strap on the back to tie down further bulky equipment

New Simmer Style Single Board Bag

Available sizes (length/width):

240 / 65cm $205.00

240 / 75 cm $215.00

250 / 80 cm $225.00

260 / 85 cm $235.00


Keep all your rig components in one place with the Sail Bag. Fitted with

compression straps to keep your bag tight even when not fully packed.


Wave // 230 x 50 x 35 cm // 1.5 g $230

Simmer Style Mast Bag


460 Fits 6 masts with ease.

Price: $75.00

Special 20% off now $60

Simmer Style Single Board Bag

Available sizes (length/width):

235 / 65cm

Price: $175.00

Gun Sails Wallet

    • Zipper pocket for coins

    • Banknote compartment

    • Can hold up to 5 cards

    • With transparent pocket for e.g. an identity card

    • Size: 12.5 x 9 cm

RRP $25.00

Gun sails Single mast bag adjustable 370-460 or 490-550

Price: $30.00

Nautix Mast Bag

Nautix adjustable padded case to transport a single SDM 2-pieces mast with the top inserted inside the bottom !

Technical features :

- Reflective material for thermal protection

- Special reinforcements for higher protection

Nautix models :

- 3.80 to 4.30 m adjustable bag

Price: $30.00

Billows Mast bag

Padded mast bag

Price: RDM 370 $20.00

Seawag Waterproof Phone Case Seawag

100% Waterproof Phone Case

With this case you can use your smartphone nearly everywhere.

It will be your perfect partner for all kind of water sports, skiing or biking,

just in every place where your phone is exposed to water, dirt or sweat.

100% protection from water, snow, sand and dust

Made from a clear PVC material which does not affect the screen touch function Phone can be used normally whilst inside the case

Rear window allows for taking photos and video underwater

Including neck strap 5,7'' size, for all current smartphones like iPhone 6 or Galaxy 6 etc.

ABS clip and PVC resistant material

Length including lock: 19 cm, width: 10,5 cm, weight 95 g

Colour: black

Seawag Waterproof Phone Case $20.00