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6. Simmer Style Fins

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 Designed for maximum control at high speeds, even in demanding conditions. With a high angle of attack and early planning, this slalom fin gives you a powerful weapon to be first across the finishing line.






 G10 Slalom 28: 
$165.00 tuttle box
 G10 Slalom 30: 
$170.00 tuttle box
 G10 Slalom 32: 
$175.00 tuttle box  


28 / 30 / 32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40 TT
Available in G10




 A manoeuvre-oriented freeride fin for the windsurfer who is looking to score as many windsurfing days in as many different conditions as possible. Early planning and great manoeuvrability are the key features for fin.


 FRP FreeWave 26: 
$125.00 Power Box
 G10 FreeWave 26: 
$140.00 Power  
 FRP FreeWave 30: 
$140.00 Power 
 FRP FreeWave 32: 
$145.00 Power 

24 / 26 / 28 / 32 US and PB
Available in G10 and FRP



A manoeuvre-oriented wave fin, with a superb ability to generate  speed for vertical maneuvers. Thick upper front profile with a narrower lower body. Ideal for side shore conditions.

20 / 21 / 22  / 23 / 24  US
Available in G10 and FRP

 G10 Wave 20:
$135.00 US 
 G10 Wave 21: 
$135.00 US Box 
 G10 Wave 22: 
$135.00 US 
 G10 Wave 23: 
$140.00 US   

World Wave


 A powerful profile for global versatility and adaptability, which generates speed, early planing and great upwind capabilites. On the wave, it will give the board more drive and accelleration through both bottom and top turn. Also suitable for the heavier sailor.

21 / 22  / 23 / 24 / 25  US & PB
Available in G10 and FRP

 G10 World Wave 25: 
$145.00 US Box

BlackTip Single


 G10 Wave 15: 
$99.00 US Box
 G10 Wave 17: 
$109.00 US Box

Mission Quad



 The Mission is Simmers most radical fin, designed primarily for sideshore winds and powerful waves. It has a high degree of sweep and flexibility. It is designed to give the smoothest and most forgiving bottom turn entry but also to store and release power when driving into the top turn.


 G10 Mission Front 85
pair $99.00 slot Box
 G10 Mission Rear 135
pair $149.00 slot Box

FRONT 85 / 95/ 105 mm (SB)
REAR 135 / 145 mm (SB)
Available in G10

 Slot Box Cover

Slot Box Cover 125mm $39.00
Slot Box Cover 95mm $20.00


Fiber-reinforced plastic, hand laminated fiberglass with polyester resin, cured and fully post-cured in an oven for maximum durability. FRP allows for a precision controlled twist, by using stiffer material in the base and more flexible material in the tip.



An extremely tough and durable material. Manufactured from 5 layers of fiberglass in each millimeter of thickness, laminated together with epoxy with several of tons of pressure under high heat to fully cure the resin. These fins are finally hand-shaped with a 0.2 mm precision.