3. WindSUP and Kids Sails and Rig Packages

F2 Checker is our ultimate Kids sail, equipped with 3 Sailbattens, Dacron Sailcloth, durable monofilm and a cool design. It was important to us that Kids can handle the sail easily, already while rigging, so that the fun begins at the beach. It’s absolutely easy to pull it off the water and it expands an even - easy to control - force. The Checker in sizes 2.0 and 3.0 come with a Alumast,120-170 boom, mast foot adapter, line set and sail bag.

Checker Rig 2.0 $399.00 40% off $239.40 when you pay cash and pick up from Gareth

Hypersonic 310 SDM Kids mast $165.00 20% off $132.00

Hypersonic 110-160 Kids boom $150.00 20% off $120.00