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1. Simmer Style

In addition to current stock Simmer Style sails are available in Sweden  I can order them and  It takes just 10 days to FedEx them to the shop or direct to you contact for more info.  

Sale clearance prices on all sails in stock*

2020 Simmer Stle Sails

2019 Simmer Style sails

25% off 2018 Simmer Style Sails. It takes 10 days to get a sail fedexed to you from Simmer contact Gareth for prices

2018 Simmer Style sails 

Clearance prices on 2018 Simmer Style Sails contact Gareth for prices

 2018 2XC

The 2XC is a high performance freerace sail for the more experienced windsurfer looking for extra power and stability that a cambered sail offers. It offers quick and simple rigging, great low-end power, stability when under max power, and smooth camber rotation. Featuring the latest vertical shaping profile, Tekcam V2 EDT3, and light-weight monofilm batten pockets. 2XC offers race sail performance, but in a user-friendly and easy to handle twin cam, 6 batten configuration. 2XC rigs on both SDM and RDM masts for the ultimate in adaptability.

2018 2XC 5.5m Clearance = $625.00

2018 2XC 7.1m Clearance = $650.00

2018 2XC 7.8m Clearance = $675.00

 2018 Enduro
Enduro sets the pace with blistering top speed and ease of handling on par with the larger wave sails. It's powerful 5 batten sail profile will get you planing early without needing to overwork for it. Enduro is your user friendly secret weapon to chase down your friends and effectively navigate several challenging environments. Stable and forgiving, Enduro allows efficient control through gusts and choppy waters. A vast tuning range enables you to tune your rig to gain optimal performance in a wide range of conditions. 

2018 Enduro 6.5m Clearance =$690.00
2018 Enduro 5.4m Clearance =$678.00
 2018 Ace
 The Ace is designed for any freestyler no matter their ability who wants to improve their level and enjoy their windsurfing even more with a sail that’s designed specifically for man oeuvres. It’s designed with the idea that it will excel for top level professionals and aspiring amateurs alike by providing a well balanced, stable, powerful yet ultra light weight feel. 
The key strength is that the Ace goes from completely neutral and gains instant power whenever you need it. The Ace features a light weight panel layout for light handling, a high cut foot and raised clew for duck tricks plus a dacron luff which provides instantaneous power to direct into maneuvers. The Kevlar Stretch Control System keeps the draft in place as well as making the sail more durable while enabling the use of super light 2 MIL scrim in the top 2/3 of the sail body.
The second generation of Ace features a slightly higher aspect ratio for improved maneuverability during moves. Tighter skin tension generates earlier planing and a more effective power delivery. The Ace is a design collaboration between with top freestyler and product developer Max Rowe and Simmer Chief Designer Tomas Persson.

2018 Ace 5.2 Clearance $715.00





The 2015 Tricera has evolved from the Blacktip into a three-batten compact wave sail. It is designed to feel extremely light in your hands and it is incredibly maneuverable. The Tricera features the most precise handling and control levels in the critical sections of the wave.  It is our most neutral and ‘on-off’ wave sail which allows for an experience as close to surfing as possible. The Tricera is best suited for the more advanced  wave sailor who wants to push their wave riding to a new level.

Tricera 4.7m Clearance price $359.00


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The Icon is our all time best seller and has won multiple awards for its perfect balance of power, high-end  control and super durable all X-Ply construction. It provides you with plenty of power to move and gives you effortless handling in the waves. The five batten compact outline gives you a very stable sail profile in types of conditions, wheather manuevering towards the lip or precision controling jumps.

The 2015 Icon has been re-designed to deliver more drive and better maneuverability suitable for multi-fin boards. It features a smooth power delivery and fast planing as well as very neutral handling while on the wave. With great low-end power and superb top-end control,  the Icon suits riders who regularly are tackling a wide range of conditions who need a reliable, bomb proof sail that can deliver anytime, anywhere.  

Icon 4.2m Clearance price $359.00


Sizeboomluffmastvario topbattens