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2. Carbon Booms

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 In addition to current stock Simmer Style booms are available in Sweden  I can order them and  It takes just 10 days to FedEx them to the shop or direct to you contact for more info.  

Simmer Style Black Line



Our top of the line high performance boom, with a full carbon body and tail extension. It features a reduced diameter hand grip for ultimate comfort and control, with only a 26mm grip on the 140-195 model. The monocoque (one piece) profile gives a market leading stiffness and strength. The double pin lock system provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end, even when maximally extended. The robust front incorporates an anti-friction lever and an integrated mast shim, for RDM masts. If you are looking for a boom without limits, the Simmer Black Line is your choice of preference.

 Size Grip Profile Price
 140-190 26mm monocoque $1099.00
 150-210 26mm monocoque $1199.00
 180-240 29mm monocoque $1269.00
 200-250 29mm monocoque 
 230-290   29mm monocoque 



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