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Windsurfing accessories

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Unifiber Adhesive nose protector

The Double density EVA 3M Self Adhesive Nose Protector Protects your board against catapults and impacts from your mast! The 3M Self Adhesive Nose Protector features lowered corners so your sail can easily move across the nose when waterstarting. Available in the sizes: S,M and L for the best fit for any board.

Only sizes  S and M left in stock Special: $45.00


Gun Sails harness secure lock system

SWS price: $15.00


Nautix Out hauling kit with Clam Cleat Steel brackets

Pro Clam out-hauling set (2 Clamcleats + 2 pulleys + 3 ropes ǿ 4mm + 1 sandow)

Unifiber SDM mast protector
price: $11.00



Unifiber sail outhaul double pulley

RRP $36.00

 Nautix Easy Winch euro pin

RRP $99.00
 Nautix Double Pulley Clew kit
Price $10.00
 Gun Sails Easy Haul with EVA     Tensioning tool with ergonomic design With comfortable EVA grip coating 
RRP $25.00 
 Unifiber Downhaul tool

Easy and fast downhauling with this handy and lightweight tool

 Clam cleat 
Clam cleat makes down hauling easy.
RRP $30.00 
 Two Hand Easy Trim multi Tool

Professional aluminium tensioning tool with integrated Philips for foot strap and fin screws and integrated M13 key for power joint screws.

 Large Windsurfing Clamcleat® cleat :
- Light, strong and convenient to carry in your pocket. 
- Allows you to get maximum tension on a windsurf downhaul. 
- Forget the pain of pulling smaller ropes, this product allows you to pull about four times as hard compared to using your bare hands.
- The smoothly contoured hand grip area has been voted the most comfortable shape to fit all hand sizes.
- Manufactured from aluminium for strength and durability.
   Monster Paint Traction:

Clear Spray-On Grip 

Ultra-Lite * Super Clear * Long Lasting * Endorsed by Gerry Lopez:
I recommend Monster Paint, the non-slip clear texture coating

that brilliantly shows the manufactures label, Hawaiian Prints, Airbrush Colors, Pin Line and even any stick-on Logos. "Don't worry about slipping off ever again."

RRP $30.00 



  SailKote Dry Lubricant

Sailkote is the easy to apply high-tech, high performance dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, deck hardware, and anything that moves on your windsurfer run smoother, work more efficiently and last longer than you ever thought possible.Use by windsurfing pros!

RRP $25.00 
 Gun Sails Boom Protector

Easy and rapid adjustment

Interior key pocket

Perfect protection for your board

RRP $23.00 

Tek Cam 
Nautix Boom Protector

Easy and rapid adjustment

protection for your board

RRP $23.00 

 Nose Protector

 Simmer Style Footstrap price: $28.00
 Grip washer + antirotation plate for footstrap

RRP $0.50
 Nautix Footstrap ultra-confort

 Gun Sails Up Haul
RRP $23.00 
 Simmer Style UPHAUL ROPE
  -Extremely tight
  Color. Black

Simmer Style metal anti Twist plate

SWS price: $3.50


 Cobra metal anti Twist plate

price: $3.50


Simmer Style Heavy duty roof rack straps. 4 meters long and 38 mm wide heavy duty nylon webbing, a robust stainless steel buckle with EVA padding to protect your gear. If you´re gonna do it, do it good. 38mm x 4 metre (pair) price: $40.00 

Unifiber Tie down straps 3.5m x 24mm

price: $32.00


4.5m roof rack strap with covered buckle 

Special price: $11.00 a pair


  • Lightweight, reduces the weight of the rig.
  • High strength – will easily take the strain and power of modern rigs
  • Durable - Abrasion resistant Dyneema does not easily wear out on cleats and cringles
  • Very low stretch - keeps the rig perfectly set High performance rope for windsurfers.

 Formuline Rope

Marlow Formuline 12 strand tightly braided Dyneema ® SK75 3.8mm

RRP per meter $6.50

                    Marlow Excel 4mm Rope
  • Durable Technora & polyester cover for high strength and abrasion resistance
  • Light weight polypropylene core
  • Snakeskin cover
RRP per meter $3.50
 Nautix Jumbo T-Nut 8mm

The best way to secure your mast base to the mast track

price: $4.00


 T-Nut 8mm
The best way to secure your mast base to the mast track


US box screw

M4 x 20 with square nut

price: $5.00
Nylon Washer for Fin Bolt
For M6 both 6mm, 14mm x 1mm
 price: $0.50

 Fin rubber Nitrile washer

fin rubber washer 15mm x 6mm x 3mm

 price: $2.00


Unifiber harness release buckle

SWS price: $18.00

 Pulley hook 3 rollers 12mm

price: $18.00

 Nut for Stud for power Joint

 M8 nylock nut

price: $2.00

 Stud for power Joint

 M8 x 35 hex.socket set screw

price: $3.00


 Euro pin short M10

 price: $15.00

 Gun Sails Power Joint M8/M8
 price: $30.00

Safety webbing kit for power joint
price: $10.00
 Nautix power Joint M8 Male / Male
price: $20.00

  Nautix Jumbo power Joint M8 Female / Female
price: $25.00
Urethane Windsurf tendon joint for Nautix mast bases.
Technical features
- External diameter : 20 mm
- Height 52mm
- Delivered WITHOUT screws and Nylstop bolts
 Urethane Windsurf tendon joint for Nautix mast baseswith screws and Nylstop nuts.
Technical features :
- External diameter : 20 mm
- Height 52mm
- Delivered with screws and Nylstop bolts


 Gun Sails Classic tendon 21mm
 price: $30.00
 Unifiber Basic tendon 21mm
price: $30.00

 Gun Sails Tendon Joint 21mm with bolts and nuts $30.00

Gun Sails Boom Head
boom head for tapered monocoque boom
price: $60.00

Fin Insert nut 12mm or 9mm
price: $6.50
 Unifiber Boom Head
boom head for alu tapered monocoque boom
                                              price: $60.00
 Gun Sails Comfort downhaul pulley
price: $15.00
O-ring 2 x 38 mm adjustable collar RDM HD extension
price: $6.00

 O-ring 2,62 x 48,9 mm adjustable collar SDM HD extension
price: $7.00
 Metal Ring spring for extension.
price: $8.00
 Hot Sails maui RDM adaptor
  Simmer Tek Cam Reduced
price $12.00
 Universal board lock for Powerbox-, Trimmbox-, Tuttlebox- and US-Systems and 4 meter steel cable  50% off now $35.00

 Billows boom head
 Slot Box Cover

Slot Box Cover 125mm $39.00
Slot Box Cover 95mm $20.00
 Nautix Mast base protector
re-formed EVA protection for your feet - 5 mm foam
Improved shaping locks protector in place to limit movement and keep it flush on the board

 Nautix Euro Pin
Universal axle (female) + stai
nless steel rotation washer

 Nautix adjustment ring for RDM extension
Plastic ring and hinge for Nautix RDM 38cm mast extension (new model)

Nautix Boom Grip
Nautix kit for recovering boom tubes includes :
- 3 fungrip EVA strips - Dimensions : 1.27 m x 11 cm x 2 mm
- Sand paper
- Instructions

Available in Black

 Nautix extension sleeve for SDM  
 Nautix ALU Ring for SDM extension

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